Sunday, August 9, 2015

By the glow of the nightlight.

By the glow of the nightlight, I feel renewed.  As I rock my koala baby to sleep, her body entangled around mine, I am calmed. The rabid gremlin she resembled just moments ago, fades from my mind.  I look at her angel face, and I am with her, in this moment.

She asks me to sing, and as I do she sings along, her words a jumble of sounds, but the sounds match mine. And as she sings, my heart bursts at the seams.

As she reaches up to caress my face and I stare into sky blue eyes, I forget the pull of today. I no longer feel unable to satisfy her needy demands. We rock together, fulfilling each other’s needs for once. When I tell her to close her eyes, It’s time for sleep, I can’t help but laugh at the glued tight squint she attempts.

Funny how the glow of the nightlight can illuminate things much brighter than the light of the day.  She needs me, more than I’ve ever felt needed. And though I often feel inadequate in my attempts to fulfill this for her, right here, in this moment, rocking in this glow, I am all hers.

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